Something I do have a side passion for is photography and also doing videography. So I am into a lot of different cameras out there. Primarily, I’d say I got into cameras through my father who is a photographer himself. I learned mostly everything I know through him and self taught myself the rest.

For the type of cameras I prefer, I do like a lot of the Nikon cameras! They have great model’s that are very great to use for beginning photographers who are just getting into photography. For example, the Nikon D3100, D3300, or D3400 are great beginning cameras! I myself am trying to save and invest in the Nikon D3400!

But I do like Cannon and Sony cameras as well as they are known to take great videos. It was hard to choose if I wanted to go for a Cannon because of how it’s ability to take high quality videos, but I would love to try the Cannon T6 for video!


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