CT101 Classwork

Final Blog Post…

And with that, CT101 comes to an end…


I truly enjoyed my time in this class and really enjoyed the work we did here. Digital design and computer design has been things that I find a passion for as well, so with majority of all our projects being done through photoshop was something that I felt I did really well. CT101 had been one of my favorite classes I took because I really found it that fun to do the projects. I also liked making our own websites as well and really enjoyed personalizing my site to my own style and taste. I am glad I have this site now to be able to post and upload anything I want to my site.

I really enjoyed my time here and thankful for Professor Ryan for teaching. He helped and guided the class really well and I believe his spirit really uplifted the whole class. He had a motivation to want the students to do well and wanted them to give their best for their work. Professor Ryan was a great and positive figure for the class and a big reason why enjoyed this class even more.

With Communications Technology being my major, I think this into CT101 class really helped open my eyes that this is something that I could really be interested pursing as a career!

See ya later CT101, thanks for everything 🙂

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