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    PS4 vs XBOX One

      For many years, there has always been one big debate and battle between Playstation and XBOX users. Through out each year when Sony and Microsoft would drop a new console, it would always spark a debate on which one was better and more elite console. This was just a constant argument that would keep coming up from gamers all these years. Personally, I am with team Playstation when I did buy the Playstation 4. I think it is the better console and the specs are out there to literally show that it is the better console. You can really see from this specs chart that the Playstation consoles are…

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    Something I do have a side passion for is photography and also doing videography. So I am into a lot of different cameras out there. Primarily, I’d say I got into cameras through my father who is a photographer himself. I learned mostly everything I know through him and self taught myself the rest. For the type of cameras I prefer, I do like a lot of the Nikon cameras! They have great model’s that are very great to use for beginning photographers who are just getting into photography. For example, the Nikon D3100, D3300, or D3400 are great beginning cameras! I myself am trying to save and invest in…