• Dancing

    Salita Arts

    This is my dance performance at an event called Salita Arts at City College! Salita Arts was a Filipino run event hosted by the Filipino club there, PAO. I was invited to go and dance and I was very excited to do so. I performed my own choreo of Location by Khalid, then did a cover to Save Me by BTS, and then finished it off with a freestyle to Nice For What by Drake. I love performing and have a huge love and passion for dancing, so I hope to pursue this dream of mine and continue to perform my dances for people for a very long time!

  • Dancing

    1MILLION Dance Studio

    Here is one of my favorite dance companies out there, 1MILLION Dance Studio! They are based in Korea and post all their covers to YouTube. They have a bunch of different choreographers that share their covers, but I think they are all so extremely talented! I would love to visit their studio in Korea, but I also was very fortunate to see them perform live at KCON 2017!     This is one of my favorite covers they did of Believer by Imagine Dragons! I aim to try and learn this piece myself as well!  

  • Dancing

    Foreign X Performance!

    Here is one of my performances from high school with my dance team, Foreign X! We were a team mixed with Eastern Asians, so we had dances that covered Korean, Chinese, and Filipino music! I really loved my team and it is really because of them that rekindled my love for dancing!