• CT101 Classwork

    Final Blog Post…

    And with that, CT101 comes to an end…   I truly enjoyed my time in this class and really enjoyed the work we did here. Digital design and computer design has been things that I find a passion for as well, so with majority of all our projects being done through photoshop was something that I felt I did really well. CT101 had been one of my favorite classes I took because I really found it that fun to do the projects. I also liked making our own websites as well and really enjoyed personalizing my site to my own style and taste. I am glad I have this site…

  • CT101 Classwork

    Zine Project

    This is my Zine Project I worked on and I am really happy with the way it turned out! I went with the concept of cameras and photography since I do have a passion about them as well. My idea behind this was I wanted to add a larger image of a camera so that I can add smaller images of anything inside the lens. The idea with this was to make it seem like with a camera, you are able to take a picture of so many different things, that is why they are a few different things you are able to see inside the lens. With my text,…

  • CT101 Classwork

    CT101 Work

    Here are some basic pieces of work I created while using Adobe Photoshop in my CT101 class!     Here is one of my favorite Korean KPOP artists, Jimin from BTS! With this project we used multiple headshot images of whoever we wanted to choose, and edited the colors of it to create this animated Gif!       Here you can see the young American teenager Chloe Kim who took off after her gold place finish in Women’s Snowboarding in the Winter Olympics! For this project we just had to create a Meme out of anything we wanted. So I went to base it around Chloe Kim!