• CT101 Classwork

    Final Blog Post…

    And with that, CT101 comes to an end…   I truly enjoyed my time in this class and really enjoyed the work we did here. Digital design and computer design has been things that I find a passion for as well, so with majority of all our projects being done through photoshop was something that I felt I did really well. CT101 had been one of my favorite classes I took because I really found it that fun to do the projects. I also liked making our own websites as well and really enjoyed personalizing my site to my own style and taste. I am glad I have this site…

  • Technology

    PS4 vs XBOX One

      For many years, there has always been one big debate and battle between Playstation and XBOX users. Through out each year when Sony and Microsoft would drop a new console, it would always spark a debate on which one was better and more elite console. This was just a constant argument that would keep coming up from gamers all these years. Personally, I am with team Playstation when I did buy the Playstation 4. I think it is the better console and the specs are out there to literally show that it is the better console. You can really see from this specs chart that the Playstation consoles are…

  • Fashion

    NBA Fashion

    I actually find many NBA players very fashionable. As they walk into their games, certain players usually have very stylish outfits that I find very nice that I like. I like to try find inspiration as well from these NBA players as well. Featuring the NBA superstars Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Lebron James.

  • Dancing

    Salita Arts

    This is my dance performance at an event called Salita Arts at City College! Salita Arts was a Filipino run event hosted by the Filipino club there, PAO. I was invited to go and dance and I was very excited to do so. I performed my own choreo of Location by Khalid, then did a cover to Save Me by BTS, and then finished it off with a freestyle to Nice For What by Drake. I love performing and have a huge love and passion for dancing, so I hope to pursue this dream of mine and continue to perform my dances for people for a very long time!

  • CT101 Classwork

    Zine Project

    This is my Zine Project I worked on and I am really happy with the way it turned out! I went with the concept of cameras and photography since I do have a passion about them as well. My idea behind this was I wanted to add a larger image of a camera so that I can add smaller images of anything inside the lens. The idea with this was to make it seem like with a camera, you are able to take a picture of so many different things, that is why they are a few different things you are able to see inside the lens. With my text,…

  • Technology


    Something I do have a side passion for is photography and also doing videography. So I am into a lot of different cameras out there. Primarily, I’d say I got into cameras through my father who is a photographer himself. I learned mostly everything I know through him and self taught myself the rest. For the type of cameras I prefer, I do like a lot of the Nikon cameras! They have great model’s that are very great to use for beginning photographers who are just getting into photography. For example, the Nikon D3100, D3300, or D3400 are great beginning cameras! I myself am trying to save and invest in…

  • Fashion

    KPOP Female Fashion

    I even really appreciate and really like a lot of fashion that I see from Female KPOP Idols! Here are a few examples from the group, Twice!   Here is another group that I am a fan of, Red Velvet!  

  • Fashion

    KPOP Male Fashion

    I would say I have a high appreciation to the fashion I see in my everyday life. So I’d like to take care of myself as well and make an effort to look nice that day! I would say a lot of my inspiration regarding fashion comes from a lot of KPOP Idols! I just love a lot of their outfits I see them in and at times I would try to replicate that outfit as best as I could!   For example, the very popular groupe BTS has some of my most favorite sense of style!    

  • Lifestyle

    Wanna Canta

    There is an event called Wanna Canta where volunteers from our District 3 Filipino clubs all participated in a singing competition! I went to support my friend and filmed my experience there and edited it down into an awesome video!     Here it is!

  • Dancing

    1MILLION Dance Studio

    Here is one of my favorite dance companies out there, 1MILLION Dance Studio! They are based in Korea and post all their covers to YouTube. They have a bunch of different choreographers that share their covers, but I think they are all so extremely talented! I would love to visit their studio in Korea, but I also was very fortunate to see them perform live at KCON 2017!     This is one of my favorite covers they did of Believer by Imagine Dragons! I aim to try and learn this piece myself as well!